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How to Protect Trees and Shrubs from Winter Damage

In late fall, it’s common for folks in Bettendorf to focus their attention on their lawn and garden and forget about protecting their trees and shrubs for winter. It’s understandable—after all, it’s easy to overestimate their toughness, and underestimate their importance. We may appreciate trees and shrubs as a source of beauty, but forget that…

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Overwintering Mums: How To Keep Them Happy

Have you ever thought about overwintering your fall chrysanthemums? It’s absolutely possible. A shelf full of furiously blooming mums at the garden center has to be one of the most cheerful fall visions. Not only do they look incredible in pots, but they also make gorgeous mounds of blossoms in our flower beds. Most mums…

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9 Tasks for Your Fall Landscaping Checklist

fall lawn care Wallaces Bettendorf Iowa

Heading into autumn, you might be wondering how to start putting your yard and garden to bed for the year. Spending a little time now can make your spring gardening more manageable. Cleaning up spent foliage is much easier when it’s just fallen, rather than after its sat under snow all winter. Your soil will…

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Air-Cleaning Plants

Plants are amazing air-cleaners. You may already know they absorb carbon dioxide, but they also consume a surprising number of other chemicals from the air—even some that are dangerous for us to inhale.     NASA’s Air-Cleaning Plant Study Clean air is something that NASA has had to tackle in the past. Synthetic materials, which…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Kitchen Gardening

Kitchen Gardening Wallaces Bettendorf Iowa03

In our busy lives running between work and getting the kids to practice, it often seems like much less of a headache to just grab some takeout and not have to worry about running to the grocery store. But, who ever said fresh food had to come from the produce aisle? What if you could…

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