We pride ourselves on our huge selection, the newest varieties and quality plants that are the best cared for in town. Our expert staff of degreed horticulturists and foresters handpicks varieties that will perform in your landscape.

We are always glad to help you with a quick design sketch or simple suggestion for a problem area. Whether you need low maintenance, child/pet friendly, year-round color or all of the above – we can suggest the right plants for you.

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Wallace's Planting Service FAQ's

What is the flag for?

The flag should be placed in your yard where the tree is to be planted. You should receive one flag for each item to be planted. If these are different varieties of trees or shrubs, the type of each should be written in permanent marker on each flag. These flags will guide the locate company and our planting crew as to where you want your tree(s) or shrub(s) planted.

What is a locate?

A locate is done before all plantings to verify that there are no electric, cable, telephone, water or gas lines obstructing the area where you want your tree/shrub planted. The request for the locate must be made by Wallace’s, as the companies that perform this service require that the locate be called in by those actually completing the work. The homeowner should not contact the locate company. If the locate company determines that there is a problem, they will inform Wallace’s, and we will contact you. This locate must be completed, regardless of previous locates for previous/ simultaneous projects. There is no charge for this service. The locate companies will not identify and mark irrigation, invisible fence lines or privately installed gas lines (such as for an outdoor gas grill). It is the responsibility of the homeowner to know and mark where these lines are on the property

What if I have an old tree in the place where my new tree is to be planted?

Please let us know at the time of purchase if this is the case. The customer is responsible for removing previously planted dead or unwanted plant material from the area in which a tree or shrub is to be planted. Old tree stumps should be completely removed, or ground out to a level at least 24-36 inches below ground level. Failure to do so will delay your planting. There will be an extra charge for Wallaces’ staff to dig out any stumps or roots.

When will my tree be planted?

Generally, tree/shrub plantings are completed in the order received. The scheduling of plantings is dependent on a number of factors such as: a successful locate, weather conditions, availability of planting crew and equipement, and extent of planting job. For example, to minimize shock to the new planting , we avoid planting in extreme heat. After excessive rainfall, we may delay to avoid damage to your property by heavy equipment.

Will my tree be staked?

Occasionally, new tree plantings may require staking to protect and/or anchor the tree. If possible, avoid staking trees. Small trees (trees less than 6’ tall or less than 1” in diameter) should not need staking to support them. Larger trees may not have a sufficient root system to support them without tipping. With trees that may be able to support themselves, plant them and watch the planting hole for several days. If the tree tips or leans, it will need support. Wallace’s does not stake trees unless requested by the homeowner. There is an additional fee for staking trees. 

Do I need to be home for the planting?

days before your planting is scheduled to confirm that the flag(s) are in place, and the locate markings are intact. Customers that wish to be present for planting often request a specific date and/or time. Unfortunately, for the same reasons mentioned above, we cannot provide an exact planting time. Please let us know if there are specific concerns such as locked entry gates, dogs in the yard, etc.

How should I care for a newly planted tree?

a transplant solution such as Fertilome® Root Stimulator. Water your new plantings regularly (every 7-10 days) throughout the first growing season. Be sure the ground dries between watering. Water by using a low hose stream directly at the plant's base for 15 minutes. In addition to fertilizer we recommend amending the soil with mushroom compost (or similar amendment) which can be purchased along with the tree and added at the time of planting for no additional fee. Mulching around the base of the tree is another great way to ensure your new tree gets established well.